Best Tablet Under 500 Dollars


This Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (32GB), (One of the Best Tablet Under 500 Dollars)the earth’s most effective Android slate, is an ideal illustration of the “professional tablet” dilemma. Just like Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro, it’s a tablet which is charged like a laptop computer, nevertheless its mobile os holds it back when thinking about productivity. Its saving grace is the S Pen, helping to make this Tab S3 amazing for sketching and note-taking but that won’t be worthy of $599.99.

Best Tablet Under 500 Dollars

A lists of best tablets under 500 dollars for sale

Best Tablet Under 500 DollarsSamsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review


Responsive S Pen. Stunning AMOLED display. Excellent battery life. Outstanding Wi-Fi performance


High-priced. Google android does not go with Windows on productivity. Digicam is not excellent.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Reviews

Main Point Herele?

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is regarded as the highly effective Android tablet offered, however it is very expensive for the performance you get

Windows or Android tablet?

We have been down this path before. Android- and iOS-powered tablets make fantastic media usage gadgets, and their particular styli make it easy for them dip into efficiency. Apps that seem like Microsoft ‘office’, Adobe Photoshop, as well as other high-end creator titles show up on Google Play app and an the Apple shops. However they don’t have the total features you will get from Windows. That is good hen you are spending lower than you’d for the same Windows tablet, but when you get into the $600-$800 range, you don’t wish to have to make compromises.

 size and weight

This Galaxy Tab S3 is a huge, silvery slab having a glass back. At 15.1 oz and 9.35 by 6.65 by 0.23 inches (HWD), it is a bit slimmer and lighter compared to 9.7-inch iPad Pro (15.4 ounces, 9.40 by 6.60 by 0.24 inches,).

Physical Design

That glass back gets me anxious. It is fairly enough, however I do not see the point, apart from making the tablet more fragile. All things considered, the Galaxy Tab S2 features a good matte back, and also the iPad line does all right with material. The glass here’s Gorilla Glass 4, and it is not slick, which is fine and dandy, however it seems like a possible reason for disappointment.

Overall performance

This Tab S3 operates Android 7.0 Nougat on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor chip with 4 gb of Ram memory. That is much more processor-wise, potent, compared to chip in the Galaxy Tab S2 (a Samsung Exynos), and you will be aware of the distinction mainly in gaming frame rates: On the GFXBench Manhattan test, the brand new tablet gets thirty-three fps where the previous one got seven. Improved graphics and processor overall performance likewise bring about the butter-smooth sense of using the S Pen in drawing and note-taking apps. Quicker processor performance isn’t actually perceivable in other utilizes, like the office apps or browser

S Pen

You are here for the S Pen. While you may obtain an excellent media consumption tablet for $200 under the Tab S3, Samsung’s Wacom-powered plastic material pen sets this slate aside from both rivals and its forerunner.

The bundled S Pen is a squashed oval with a 0.7mm tip as well as an motion button on the side. Since it is compressed, it doesn’t roll away. Significant pen users, although, ought to spring for the Staedtler S Pencil, which feels and looks just being a typical European pencil. Regrettably, we do not possess a date or price for that gadget yet.

Any Other Best Tablet Under 500 Dollars?

Not one other Google android tablet has the Galaxy Tab S3’s specifications. However not one other Google android tablet (aside from the occasional Sony slate) offers the Galaxy Tab S3’s selling price. At $599.99 (or $729.99 with the computer keyboard), this Tab S3 competes with not only the Windows detachables such as the Acer Switch Alpha 12, but with the iPad Professional, and that is where it incurs difficulty.


Therefore, I will repeat: You’re here for the S Pen (as well as, the S Pencil). This Galaxy Tab S3 is there to catch your opinions, bubbling over in software or image. For media usage, opt for a less costly pick. For real productivity, get Windows.

Best Tablet Under 500 Dollars